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Redfern Health Center embodies Clemson Family atmosphere


Engage in discussion with nearly any member of the staff at Redfern Health Center and a common theme quickly reverberates — a love of Clemson University. Several members of the provider staff alone began their academic careers at Clemson and have since returned to serve their alma mater, a trend largely representative of personnel located throughout the entirety of the health center, no matter the role.

Some grew up in the shadows of the University, like Director of Medical Services Dr. Lesslie Pekarek. A product of D.W. Daniel High School, she graduated from Clemson in 2003 before heading off to medical school. While at Clemson, she was actively involved on campus. She served as an Orientation Ambassador and was a member of Student Government and Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Years later, Pekarek returned to her home area, where she and her husband, Jeff, are raising two sons.

Allison Honea serves as a nurse practitioner at Redfern Health Center
Allison Honea earned both her undergraduate and master’s degrees from Clemson and is now on staff at Redfern Health Center as one of its nurse practitioners.

Stephanie Bagwell and Allison Honea are both nurse practitioners on the medical staff. Both have been with Redfern for 10 years, but their journeys to their current positions took different paths. Honea is originally from Pendleton, earned two degrees from Clemson and assumed her current role after a short stint at Baptist Easley Hospital.

Bagwell grew up in Pickens, was a stay-at-home mom for many years before joining Redfern as a staff nurse and ultimately earning the nursing supervisor position. Through the Employee Assistance Program, she returned to school and earned a master’s degree to become a licensed nurse practitioner — a transition she made this Fall.

When Bagwell was graduating from Clemson in May, she shared in the moment with her youngest daughter, who was graduating from high school at the same time. The two dressed in their respective cap and gown wear and took photos together to commemorate the unique occasion.

“Clemson values align with my own, such as it being family-first,” she said. “I wanted to be involved in my family’s life, but also wanted to be a nursing professional. Redfern provided a wonderful opportunity to do both.”

Hollie Summey’s experience with the Clemson Family is unique. Her father, Andy Rader, was a facilities manager at Clemson when she was an undergrad and used to pick her up and take her to classes. Summey, who joined the Redfern staff in 2017 as quality improvement manager, said the opportunity to return and help students at her alma mater was too special to pass up.

“There’s something about this place, especially working here as an alumna,” said Summey, who earned an undergraduate degree in health science and master’s in therapeutic recreation. “It feels like home again.”

Redfern feels like home to many on the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) staff. Interim Director Dr. Birma Gainor owns the distinction of achieving three degrees (’95, M ’01, M ’03) from Clemson. Several members of her team also have long-standing ties to the University.

Amy Massingill, assistant director of Counseling and Psychological services, conducts a telehealth visit from her office
Amy Massingill, assistant director of Counseling and Psychological Services, is also a two-time Clemson alumna.

Dr. Jackie Mouzon graduated from Clemson with a degree in biological sciences in 1995 and for years operated a private psychiatry practice in town. She started at Redfern in 2015 and maintains ties in the local community. Her parents reside in the area, as does her sister Michelle, a local elementary school administrator.

Amy Massingill attended Spartanburg Methodist for two years before coming to Clemson and earning undergraduate degrees in psychology and sociology. Five years later, she added a master’s degree in counselor education. She joined Redfern part-time in 2008, was elevated to full-time status in 2013 and now serves as an assistant director with CAPS in charge of coordinating the student intake process.

“A common thread among our team is their commitment to college health and Clemson University students,” said Dr. George Clay, Redfern’s executive director. “Our staff members are very fulfilled to be part of this organization.”

Mary Stuart Turner serves as director of laboratory services at Redfern Health Center
Mary Stuart Turner has worked with Redfern’s laboratory services since 2002.

Such is the case with Lynn Moore, radiology supervisor, who is hard to miss when wearing orange scrubs throughout the facility. Moore’s brother graduated from Clemson and mother-in-law worked in the physics department. She has worked at Redfern since 2004 and is responsible for ensuring x-ray coverage from the time the doors open each morning until the last student leaves in the afternoon.

Mary Stuart Turner is self-described as a “home girl.” She grew up in Clemson and now raises her family in the same place. She arrived at Redfern two years before Moore and now serves as the supervisor of laboratory services, where she manages five employees and oversees maintenance and quality control of the instruments.

“Everyone cares about the students – I can’t say that enough,” said Turner, who began her medical career in the blood bank at AnMed Health. “We’ve had a crazy past couple of years, but you see how much our people care. I work with great people.”

Great people with an affinity for Clemson University.