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Public Safety: Safely operate and maintain golf carts on campus


Clemson University Public Safety reminds the campus community of the importance of safely operating and maintaining golf carts, specifically those used on campus.

While golf carts can make it easier to navigate a busy campus, they still can present safety hazards if not operated or cared for properly. Be mindful of the following tips whenever and wherever you operate a golf cart, whether on campus or off.

Prevent your golf cart from becoming a fire hazard

  • Park and fuel or charge your golf cart in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not park golf carts next to buildings or under awnings.
  • For electric golf carts, never charge overnight or use a damaged charging cord.
  • Be sure your golf cart is subjected to regular maintenance, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Fuel your golf cart when it is cool. Clean any fuel spills immediately.

Operate your golf in the same manner as a car for everyone’s safety

  • Obey all traffic laws. Follow the same rules as driving a car.
  • Use hand signals. Follow these guidelines from NHTSA.
  • Buckle up and install seat belts if needed.
  • Slow down when approaching and making turns.
  • Do not use a cellphone while driving a golf cart.
  • Carry no more than one passenger per seat.
  • Drive during daylight hours.
  • Only park in approved spaces.

Golf carts are also prevalent on main campus during home football games and other large events throughout the year. The tips above are especially important while navigating campus with the heavy car and pedestrian traffic that comes with these types of events. For everyone’s safety, only park golf carts in approved parking spaces and do not block access to driveways and parking lots, especially during football games and events.