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President’s Social Justice and Equity Task Force presses on with its work


Since the task force’s first meeting August 26, the 10 subcommittees of President Clements’ Social Justice and Equity Task Force have made significant progress and are on schedule to meet the task force timelines.

President Jim Clements mandated the prompt organization of the President’s Social Justice and Equity Task Force in July in response to national unrest.

“I am very pleased with the progress being made by the task force,” said Chief Inclusion and Equity Officer and Special Assistant to the President for Inclusion and Equity Lee Gill. “Despite an aggressive timeline, this is all-important work being done on behalf of the University, and I want to thank each member of the task force for their contributions to date.”

The task force’s 150 people representing students, faculty, staff, alumni and community leaders are broken into the following 10 subcommittees:

  • Academic Related
  • Boards, Committees and Recognition
  • Climate and Culture
  • Communication and Incidence Response
  • Faculty and Staff Recruitment
  • Institutional Policies and Procedures
  • Programming and Training
  • Scholarship and Funding
  • Student Recruitment
  • Support Services and Facilities


  • By October 30 – Each of the ten subcommittees will deliver reports with action plans.
  • November 12 – Conveners, leaders of each subcommittee, present recommendations to the Council for Diversity and Inclusion (CUCDI) and the President’s Social Justice and Equity Task Force.
  • After November 12 – Representing the entire University, CUCDI reviews items within the framework and develops prioritized action plans.
  • TBD – CUCDI presents the overarching strategy to the Executive Leadership Team.
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