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The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences is highlighting standout students as part of its CECAS Student Spotlight series. This document is updated regularly. You can also view the latest stories on the college’s social media accounts: Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Supporting each other through graduate school

Vincent and Jasmine Davidson are supporting each other– and their two children– as they make their way through graduate school. More here.

Mechanical engineer Deon Wallace, Jr. draws inspiration from ‘Star Wars’ as he pursues a Ph.D.

Deon, who is in the Bridge to Doctorate program, received a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Clemson in May and is now pursuing a Ph.D. in the same discipline. More here.

Destinee Cooper returns home and pursues a Ph.D.

Destinee, a Ph.D. student in engineering and science education, has accumulated some impressive credentials that include a master’s degree in chemistry education from Stanford University, experience as a Knowles teaching fellow and placement in Clemson’s new Bridge to Doctorate Graduate Fellowship program. More here.

GEM Fellow Simeon McKelvey had his pick of graduate schools. He chose Clemson University.

Simeon McKelvey is one of six new GEM Fellows at Clemson. He he was accepted to seven schools and chose Clemson University because the associate professor who became his advisor made an effort to get to know him. More here.

Jesus Badal’s life experiences lead him to Clemson University

Jesus bringing a wealth of life experience with him when he moves from Washington, D.C. to Clemson University this fall to begin pursuing a Ph.D. in civil engineering under Dr. Qiushi Chen. More here.

Makayla Headley finds her passion in engineering and science education

Makayla is joining the Department of Engineering and Science Education as a Ph.D. student. She will be studying with Associate Professor Marisa Orr, Ph.D. More here.

Kemonte Yow goes from stuff running backs to tackling human trafficking

Kemonte is joining Clemson this fall as a master’s student in industrial engineering and plans to conduct research under Dr. Thomas Sharkey, whose interdisciplinary research focuses on breaking up human-trafficking networks. More here.

STEM ALL-IN Ph.D. student Ryan Mbagna-Nanko looks forward to finding his next challenge at Clemson University

Ryan is headed to Clemson University to pursue a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering under Dr. Yue “Sophie” Wang, the Warren H. Owen – Duke Energy Associate Professor of Engineering. More here.

Emma Katovich taps Tiger pride to help others as a Jansen Scholar

Emma, now a rising senior majoring in mechanical engineering, was recently selected as a Jansen Family Emerging Scholar. More here.

Jansen Scholar Giovanni Orlandi draws from personal experience to help others

Giovanni has is conducting research under Dr. Fadi Abdeljawad and been named a Jansen Family Emerging Scholar, a program Abdeljawad has recently begun overseeing. More here.

STEM ALL-IN helped Sevrina Tekle choose Clemson University

Sevrina graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor of Science in engineering science this spring and will soon pack her bags for Clemson, where she will pursue a Ph.D. in bioengineering under Dr. Renee Cottle as part of the Clemson Bridge to Doctorate Program. More here.

Jansen Scholar Maria Christenbury wants to help mechanical engineers make the most of their time at Clemson University

Maria is now a rising senior majoring in mechanical engineering at Clemson University, where she has distinguished herself as an outstanding student and is helping others follow in her footsteps as one of the newest Jansen Family Emerging Scholars. More here.

Trailblazing mechanical engineer steps into new role as Jansen Scholar

Kiarra Blake-Wade and three other Jansen Scholars are planning to organize a series of events aimed at bringing together mechanical engineering students so that the less-experienced students can learn from those further along in the major. More here.

Ph.D. student Missoury Lytle helps bring women together

Missoury Lytle’s efforts were recognized with an Award of Excellence for the Advancement of Women in the graduate category from the Clemson University Commission on Women. More here.

SMART scholarship opens door for Camden Brady to return to Clemson University

Clemson University senior Camden Brady is receiving a SMART scholarship from the U.S. Department of Defense, allowing him to return to the university for a Ph.D. after receiving his bachelor’s degree. More here.

Lea Cook blazes a trail from technical college to the Clemson University graduation stage

Lea Cook recently became one of the first members of Clemson University’s SPECTRA Transfer Program to graduate. More here.

Serena Gilmore helps those who need it most

The Clemson University Commission on Women recently recognized Serena Gilmore’s efforts with an Award of Excellence for the Advancement of Women in the undergraduate category. More here.

Student body president-elect wants every student to feel part of the Clemson Family

Malik Balogun wanted everyone to feel a part of Clemson Family, so he decided to run for student-body president– and he won. Here’s what happened next. Click here.

‘Model’ student takes a different path than most

Not only is Ricardo García Cárcamo good at what he does, but he also works exclusively with computer models.  Click here.

Julio Rodriguez finds a community at Clemson University

Clemson University junior Julio Rodriguez learned many things from his parents, but two lessons that stick out as he pushes toward graduation is the value of an education and a strong work ethic. Click here.

West Point graduate finds home among Clemson University’s industrial engineers

Michael T. Clark was nearing graduation from the U.S. Military Academy West Point when he applied for a GEM Consortium Fellowship and started considering which of the nation’s top industrial engineering programs he would choose for his master’s degree. “Clemson, of course, was one of them,” he said. Click here.

Kelli McCourt finds purpose in Ph.D. research at Clemson University

Kelli McCourt is studying at Clemson with backing from one of the nation’s most prestigious programs– a Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation. Click here.

Gabe Cutter researches sensors and plays his trumpet as he charts a path to graduate school

When Gabe Cutter was trying to decide where he would go to college, he had some choices. He picked Clemson University because he could get the in-state tuition, play in the marching band and chart a course for graduate school. He is well on his way. Click here.

For an ‘outdoors guy,’ conducting research in the mud isn’t so bad

Connor Parker’s work shows that even as computers take on increasing importance, researchers like him still need to get out of the lab and literally get their hands dirty. Click here.

Clemson University was the ‘perfect’ fit for Abby Boyd

Abby Boyd has distinguished herself as a standout student since arriving at Clemson, earning the Outstanding Graduate Researcher Award in the Department of Engineering and Science Education. Click here.

In career search, Ph.D. student Matthew Sheppard asks, ‘Where can I make the most difference?’

For Matthew Sheppard, the best part of pursuing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Clemson University was the opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant, especially when struggling students approached him for help. Click here.

For Stephanie Damas, Clemson University is a place to ‘trailblaze’

If Stephanie Damas needs some inspiration, all she has to do is look at the engraving on her wood-grain smartphone case. Click here.

Jessica Deaver built confidence in her researching skills as a Ph.D. student

Jessica has distinguished herself as an outstanding student since arriving at Clemson to pursue a Ph.D. in environmental engineering and Earth sciences. Click here.

‘Okay, I’m going to do it and be an engineer’

Eddie Lewis decided to become an engineer after the torrential rains of October 2015 caused nearly $1.5 billion in damage from Columbia to Charleston, including a broken sewer main that led to a prolonged boil-water advisory at her family’s Columbia home. Click here.

‘Once I set foot on campus, I just knew it was the place for me’

Persia Ghotbi-Taheri, an industrial engineering major, is making the most of her time on campus by supporting her peers. Click here.

Sky’s the limit? Not for Ph.D. student John Bell

John Bell is literally shooting for the moon as he pursues a Ph.D. under the guidance of Laura Redmond, assistant professor in the Glenn Department of Civil Engineering Clemson University. Click here.

For one Fulbright scholar, the Clemson Experience is electrifying

Moazzam Nazir had a master’s degree in electrical engineering and a job with a research institute in Pakistan when he realized he needed to expand his knowledge. Click here.

Ph.D. student Libby Flanagan finds support from Clemson Family while raising newborn

Libby Flanagan had just graduated from her master’s program on Dec. 28, 2021 when she gave birth to Addie, a beautiful, eight-pound, one-ounce baby girl. Click here.

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