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‘Let’s call Clemson’: Pandemic sparks company’s generosity for architecture and construction science and management students


When the pandemic began to threaten the economy, the Charleston-based design firm Meadors, Inc. braced for impact. After loyal clients helped the company weather the storm, founder James Meadors looked for a way to make an impact of his own.

“We figured there have to be some students who are having a difficult time staying in school due to the pandemic,” said Meadors, whose business offers architecture, design, construction and consulting services. “We have a lot of Clemson graduates here at our company — the majority of our architectural department went to Clemson — so I said, ‘Let’s call Clemson.’”

Working with the School of Architecture and the Nieri Family Department of Construction Science and Management, Meadors set up a fund with the specific purpose of making sure struggling students could continue their studies this past Spring.

Meadors, Inc. and team members of their six workshops started the base fund.

“We then began to call people we know and encouraged them to give a dollar, $50 or $100, whatever they could afford,” Meadors said.

With the support of School of Architecture Director Jim Stevens, the new Arch+CSM Educational Support Fund grew to $33,375.

The money helped several students to stay in school during the Spring semester, and the fund will continue to support several students this Fall.

“I am very grateful to James Meadors and his company for this generous donation, Stevens said. “I was able to identify high-performing students who were struggling financially to receive the funding. The gift has relieved a portion of their financial burden, allowing them to focus on their academic pursuits.”

Because design and construction are important parts of Meadors, Inc., the team focused its efforts on the School of Architecture and the Nieri Family Department of Construction Science and Management.

“I had financial assistance when I went to college, and most everybody here at my company had financial assistance,” Meadors said. “We felt it was a great time to look at giving back. We hope that it will help create an environment for students to help others in the future.”

Meadors, who grew up in Anderson, South Carolina and graduated from Wofford College, started the company in 1984. Seventy-eight team members represent Meadors, Inc.’s six workshops: architecture and interior design, design services, construction, conservation and preservation planning, cabinetry and millwork, and estate management and maintenance.

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