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Industrial engineering’s Chris Reid wins dual honors from the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society


Dr. Chris Reid is receiving two high honors from the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES).

Reid has been elected Fellow of HFES and was selected as the 2023 Arnold M. Small and Betty M. Sanders President’s Distinguished Service Award.

Chris Reid

Reid, who is the immediate past president of HFES, serves as an adjunct professor of practice in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Clemson University and is a Boeing Technical Fellow.

Election to Fellow is HFES’ highest honor and recognizes outstanding achievement, consistently superior professional performance, exceptional contributions, personal service to the society, and other meritorious accomplishments by society members. Reid is one of seven elected this year.

The Distinguished Service Award, considered the “capstone” award of HFES, was established in 1985 to acknowledge individuals whose career-long endeavors have significantly uplifted the profession and the Society.

The award’s title was updated in 2021 to include Betty M. Sanders alongside Arnold M. Small. Reid’s recognition stems from his sustained contributions to both the HFES and the broader discipline, marking him as an influential figure in the human factors and ergonomics community.

He will be honored Oct. 23 at the 67th HFES International Annual Meeting during a special ceremony.

“Dr. Chris Reid’s accomplishments echo the very essence of excellence in our field,” said Kevin Taaffe, chair of the Department of Industrial Engineering at Clemson. “As we celebrate his dual honors, it’s a testament to the profound impact human factors has on enhancing both the human experience and operations. Chris’ legacy at HFES, and within the broader community, sets a remarkable standard for future generations of industrial and systems engineers.”

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