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Elevating Marketing Research: Highlights from the 2024 Clemson Marketing Research Symposium


The Clemson Marketing Research Symposium, held in the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business’s Phyfer Auditorium, brought together a distinguished lineup of scholars and PhD students from various universities (University of Georgia, University of Kentucky, University of South Carolina, University of Tennessee, Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State University, and Coastal Carolina University) to discuss the latest trends in marketing research. The event featured faculty presentations, a breakout session for doctoral students, and networking opportunities, providing a welcoming platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange. The diverse schedule covered topics ranging from online consumer behavior to B2B buyer decision-making, offering a comprehensive view of the current state of marketing research.

woman lecturing
Angeline Close Scheinbaum shares her research at the Marketing Symposium.

Danny Weathers, Professor and Interim Department Chair of the Department of Marketing at Clemson University kicked off the event by stating: “In my years with the Clemson Marketing Research Symposium, I have never seen such an enthusiastic turnout. This year marks the largest participation in our event’s history, and I’m genuinely thrilled to witness this vibrant community of scholars, students, and professionals come together. The depth of insights and collaborative spirit showcased today promises an exciting journey ahead in the world of marketing research. Here’s to the shared wisdom and groundbreaking discoveries that will undoubtedly emerge from this symposium.”

If you would like to learn more about the Marketing Symposium or need more info for next year, please contact Danny Weathers.

“These gatherings play a pivotal role in cultivating a vibrant culture of research within our college. They provide a dynamic platform for scholars to share ideas, collaborate on groundbreaking research, and inspire one another. It is through such collaborative initiatives that we foster a rich tapestry of intellectual curiosity, pushing the boundaries of knowledge within our academic community. The symposium exemplifies our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge that defines our college’s research culture.”

Jennifer Siemens, the Associate Dean for Faculty Excellence

Research Symposium Highlights:

Keynote Speaker:

The symposium’s keynote speaker, Vanitha Swaminathan, the Thomas Marshall Professor of Marketing at the University of Pittsburgh, offered insights on promising areas of marketing research in branding, showcasing some of her own projects in the area, and sharing her expertise in digital branding strategies. She was also able to offer guidance on publishing in academia in her role as the co-editor of the Journal of Marketing. As the Director of the Katz Center for Branding, Swaminathan’s insights added a global perspective to the event.

Angeline Close Scheinbaum – Modeling Predictors of Online Conversions Using Clickstream and Sentiment Analysis: Scheinbaum, an Associate Professor of Marketing at Clemson University, delved into the exploration of online consumer behavior in the alcoholic beverages industry. Her research focused on hedonic retail purchases, incorporating both quantitative clickstream data and qualitative online customer reviews.

man lecturing
Neil Bendle, Associate Professor of Marketing at UGA, provides valuable insights into marketing metrics.

Neil Bendle – Credible, Appropriate, and Relevant Marketing Metrics: Bendle, an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Georgia, highlighted the importance of credible marketing metrics. He discussed the need for metrics to be justified, appropriate, and relevant, using the example of estimating the ROI of customer investments.

Ishani Banerji – A Trifocal Conceptualization of the Subscription Box Customer Journey: Banerji, a Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing at Clemson University, provided valuable insights into the subscription box industry, presenting a model of the customer journey from subscription decision to termination.

Sarah C. Whitley – How Weight Neglect Influences Consumer Perceptions of Deal Value: Whitley, an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Georgia, explored the impact of price format on consumer perceptions of deal value. Her research revealed that consumers are susceptible to “weight neglect” and tend to prioritize unit prices over product weight when evaluating deals.

Ryan Mullins – Buyer Team Indecision: A New Framework for Navigating B2B Purchase Decision Making: Mullins, a Professor of Marketing at Clemson University, discussed the common problem of indecision in B2B purchases. He presented a dual-level model of indecision based on in-depth interviews with buyers and sellers across industries.

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