Finance and Operations; Office of the Provost

Fall planning details posted on updated website, in message from EVPs, senate leaders



Clemson University’s COVID-19 website has been updated with more information about the current plans for safely returning employees and students to work and school.

Go to Visit The Road Forward: Campus & COVID-19 Updates for Fall to see details and get answers to some of your questions, including facemask requirements, classroom changes to ensure social distancing, coronavirus testing and much more, such as health, wellness and stress management resources.

Last week, Executive Vice President and Provost Bob Jones, Executive Vice President for Finance and Operations Tony Wagner, Faculty Senate President Jon Whitcomb and Staff Senate President Sue Whorton updated the University in the fourth Fall 2020 Semester Planning update.

They reported that the University’s plan to return employees to work in phases during the summer has changed to a more holistic approach designed to safely get us to the same goal: A successful return to mostly normal operations in the fall with a steadfast commitment to the health and safety of employees.

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