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Faculty resources to start the semester


Following is a list of resources instructors may wish to keep close by as the fall semester begins:

  • The  Faculty Resource Center available in Canvas includes: 
    • An introduction video with information about the new classroom technology. 
    • Modules for blended and online learning (both synchronous and asynchronous), video tutorials and other resources.  
    • Review tips, guides and videos that cover Zoom, accessibility, new classroom technology and more. 
    • A list of classrooms with installed equipment and a guide to using the new classroom technology. 
  • The Instructional Playbook for Blended Learning website is updated routinely and provides comprehensive resources to help instructors.
  • A series of Provost Office emails entitled Sprint to the Finish: A Guide for Instructors to Launch Fall 2020 Teaching will be routinely sent to instructors.
  • The Undergraduate Class Regulations and Graduate Class Regulations include significant changes to the regulations this year in response to COVID-19.  These documents also include language to include in course syllabi.
  • Access IT resources about working remotely. 
  • Signage and a one-page instruction sheet can be found in every classroom across campus and should help answer the most common “getting started” questions for the in-classroom technologies.   
  • Accessing offices and classrooms – Visit instructions for downloading the TigerOne Mobile ID. Similar to your TigerOne Card, the TigerOne mobile ID or card allows building access.
  • Stay informed about testing requirements for being on campus, including in your teaching spaces if you are using classroom spaces during this time. Visit the Healthy Clemson. United as Tigers website or sign up for testing here.
  • Instructors may use their assigned classroom during their assigned time to teach and record their classes during this initial online period of instruction. Become familiar with the technology and help students become familiar with the interface.
  • Clemson Online and OTEI will continue to have events in the coming weeks and throughout the Fall semester. Access information and dates.
  • IT support: 
    • Call or text ITHelp at 864.656.3494 for fastest support. 
    • Chat with ITHelp at ccit.clemson.edu for real-time support. 
    • Email ithelp@clemson.edu for assistance on issues for which immediate help is not required. 


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