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Faculty and staff service milestones in September


Congratulations to University faculty and staff members who celebrated significant service milestones in September.


Lloyd Pruitt, University Facilities, 30 years

Claudia Johnson, University Facilities, 30 years

Sandra Head, Public Service Activities, 20 years

Rex Blanton Jr., CAFLS, 20 years

Glenn Gibson, CBSHS  20 years

Roy Jones, College of Education, 20 years     

Patricia McNulty, CECAS, 20 years

Laura Cobb, The Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business, 20 years

Nelson Culler, Libraries, 20 years

Jose Cruz, University Facilities, 20 years

Charles Poole, University Facilities, 20 years

Skip Van Bloem, CAFLS, 10 years

Lukasz Kozubowski, College of Science, 10 years

Terri Bruce, Research  10 years

Gary Machlis, CBSHS, 10 years

Zachary Trabookis, CECAS, Sci 10 years

Stefanie Cram, Finance & Operations, 10 years

William Pope, Finance & Operations, 10 years

Carrie Burri, Research, 10 years