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Faculty and staff service milestones in September


Congratulations to faculty and staff who reached significant service milestones in September:


Glenda Brown, College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences, 30 years

Gwen B. Dockins, The Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business, 20 years

Clifton B. James, Clemson Computer and Information Technology, 20 years

Hayden Curtis Noordhuizen, Finance & Operations, 20 years

Mary Stuart Turner, Student Affairs, 20 years

Bret E McCarley, University Facilities, 20 years

Catherine Lucille Johnson, Public Service Activities, 10 years

Kelly E. Caine, College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences, 10 years

Yi Liu, Clemson Computer and Information Technology, 10 years

Jennifer Lynn Groff, Libraries, 10 years

Kellie W. Marlatt, Libraries, 10 years

Gregory Brian Whitaker, Finance & Operations, 10 years

Jana Laree Jordan, Finance & Operations, 10 years

Amber Allen Mulkey, Academic Affairs, 10 years

Jonathan A. Harp, Communication and Brand Strategy, 10 years

Paula Anne Page, Advancement, 10 years

Dena J. Smith, Academic Affairs, 10 years

Joseph A. Kassab, University Facilities, 10 years