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The Hayek Center for the Business of Prosperity hosts the 2024 ESG Conference


The intersection of environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies has become a focal point in today’s business landscape. The Hayek Center for the Business of Prosperity hosted the 2024 ESG and Policy Research Conference at the Powers College of Business.  

Over the course of two days, the conference served as a forum for engaging discussion. The researchers presented their latest findings, sparking conversations that delved into the effectiveness, challenges and implications of various ESG policies. 

Reed Watson, Director of the Hayek Center and Professor of Practice in Economics described the purpose of the conference. “The controversies surrounding ESG policies have only intensified, even since our inaugural conference in 2022. Depending on whom you ask, ESG is either the new and improved form of capitalism or it is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. So, we brought some of the nation’s leading experts to Clemson to examine how businesses respond to the changing policies and politics of ESG.” 

Watson described the scholars’ findings as a mixed bag. “In some instances, companies are making genuine efforts to address environmental, social or governance issues. But in others, there is misinformation and political maneuvering. Customers and investors are wise to be skeptical.” 

At the 2024 ESG Conference, experts to deep-dive into discussion about ESG Policies.

As the ESG landscape continues to expand, conferences like the 204 ESG and Policy Research Conferences play a crucial role in advancing understanding, driving innovation and shaping the future of business practices.

Dean York believes that conferences like these are important to continue ESG conversations. “Our College is proud to host the 2024 ESG Conference,” she says. “The Hayek Center does a lot of amazing work to transform lives, including organizing and hosting this conference. Conversation about ESG policies is critical for shaping policies and industry standards for an ethical, sustainable future.”

ESG and Policy Research Breakdown:

“Perceived Corporate Values”

Stefano Pegoraro (University of Notre Dame), Antonino Emanuele Rizzo (Nova SBE), Rafael Zambrana (University of Notre Dame)

Presenting Author: Stefano Pegoraro (University of Notre Dame)

Discussant: Pingle Wang (University of Texas at Dallas)

“Custom Proxy Voting Advice”

Edwin Hu (New York University), Nadya Malenko (Boston College), Jonathon Zytnick (Georgetown University)

Presenting Author: Nadya Malenko (Boston College)

Discussant: Jonathan Kalodimos (Oregon State University)

“The Politicization of Social Responsibility”

Todd Gormley (Washington University), Manish Jha (Georgia State University), Meng Wang (Georgia State University)

Presenting Author: Manish Jha (Georgia State University)

Discussant: Leonard Kostovetsky (Baruch College)

“Defunding Controversial Industries: Can Targeted Credit Rationing Choke Firms?”

Kunal Sachdeva (Rice University), Andre Silva (Federal Reserve Board), Pablo Slutzky (University of Maryland), Billy Xu (University of Rochester)

Presenting Author: Billy Xu (University of Rochester)

Discussant: Sergey Mityakov (Florida State University)

“Fighting Climate Change with FinTech”

Antonio Gargano (University of Houston), Alberto Rossi (Georgetown University)

Presenting Author: Antonio Gargano (University of Houston)

Discussant: Gonzalo Maturana (Emory University)

“Why do Firms Use Carbon Offsets?”

Sehoon Kim (University of Florida), Tao Li (University of Florida), Yanbin Wu (University of Florida)

Presenting Author: Sehoon Kim (University of Florida)

Discussant: Janet Gao (Georgetown University)

“Mandated versus Voluntary Firm Investment in Climate Adaptation”

Patrick Behrer (World Bank), Nora Pankratz (Federal Reserve Board), Jisung Park (University of Pennsylvania)

Presenting Author: Nora Pankratz (Federal Reserve Board)

Discussant: Ai He (University of South Carolina)

To learn more about the Hayek Center and its events, visit their website.

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