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Clemson alumni’s marketing firm: Embarking on a path to success


Founders of EEK Creative pose for a picture.
Clemson alumni, Elizabeth Wassynger and Katherine Frehse, launch EEK! Creative, a marketing company.
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Elizabeth Wassynger and Katherine Frehse graduated from Clemson in 2020 with degrees in Graphic Communications. After graduation, they began working in the business world, maintaining their tight-knit friendship originally forged at Clemson. Though they initially pursued separate paths, Wassynger and Frehse decided to come back together to share their passion for graphic design by launching a marketing company. In 2022, Wassynger and Frehse turned their dreams into reality, taking the leap to become business partners by opening EEK! Creative.

The name EEK! Creative comes from the inspiration behind the company and a combination of the co-owners’ first initials, E and K. Wassynger and Frehse aim to develop products that are creative and exciting for their clients and that they, in turn, can also be excited about. So excited that someone may even exclaim “EEK!” upon seeing their designs. The small business focuses on branding, graphic and web design, social media, and photography for small to medium businesses.

The EEK! Creative Website.
The EEK! Creative website launched this year in early February to the public.

Juggling jobs, lives, and their free-lancing business has proved time-consuming. Not to mention that they live on opposite sides of the United States, with Wassynger living in San Diego, CA, and Frehse living in Columbia. However, despite the geographical separation and the time difference, collaborating and working together has not proved as difficult as one might think.

“In the Fall of 2022, KJ [Katherine] and I were both on similar wavelengths. We both wanted to grow our individual free-lance businesses, so we decided to combine and do it together. It was great because we were able to birth the company in person—coming up with branding, services, and our prices,” Wassynger shares. “I try to make myself as available as possible, same with KJ. Our clients work with us. They know this isn’t our full 9-5, so they’ve been really patient.”

Their time at Clemson was extremely valuable during this transition, as they raved about the Graphic Communications department, professors, and the cohort of students they were with. “The graphic communications program in and of itself is incredibly influential. I feel like graphic communications touched a little bit on every subject we currently need. I’m very thankful for the graphic comm program.” Frehse says.

Wassynger echoes her sentiments, “The [graphic communications] program as a whole is amazing. I really did love the professors and our tight-knit community…I appreciate how they pushed us to complete two internships during our time in the program. Katherine and I are getting a few years of real-world word experience was really important before trying to launch EEK!.”

“Find time to be creative, go out, find what you like, and find opportunities within your specialty. There is always opportunity to grow. Finding what you’re passionate about outside just your job is incredibly influential.”

-Katherine Frehse, Co-founder of EEK! Creative, Clemson alumnus

Since launching in 2022, their clientele has increased solely by word of mouth, but they are looking forward to expanding their marketing campaign as they continue to grow their company. By the end of 2024, Frehse and Wassynger hope to continue to able to work at EEK! and maybe even hire an intern. The ambition and passion the alumni have are sure to cultivate a bright future for EEK! Creative.

To learn more about EEK! Creative, visit their Instagram or website.

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