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Clemson senior Riley Garvey receives prestigious Udall Foundation Scholarship


Rising senior Riley Garvey is the recipient of a 2020 Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation scholarship. He is one of 55 students from 48 colleges and universities to receive the honor of 2020 Udall Scholar.

Udall Scholars are awarded on the basis of commitment to careers in the environment, Tribal public policy or Native health care, leadership potential, record of public service and academic achievement.

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Riley Garvey

A dedicated student and proven leader, Garvey has been active in conservation and marine research. His motivation to continue his work in conservation is driven by his compassion for his fellow humans whose livelihoods depend upon clean and healthy ocean ecosystems. In addition to being recognized as a Udall Scholar, Garvey was also previously awarded a NOAA Hollings scholarship.

“I have become a part of a network of former Udall recipients that frequently promotes job opportunities and social justice issues. I am excited to be a new part of this network, and I’m very grateful to the Office of Major Fellowships and the Udall Selection Committee for my selection as a Udall Scholar,” said Garvey.

Through his research work and connections with other Udall and Hollings Scholars Garvey states, “I’ve come to understand some of the nuances behind environmentalism and the struggles we face not just working for change but working for the right change.”

It is Garvey’s compassion and dedication that garnered associate professor Michael Childress’s attention and strong support as a candidate for the Udall Scholarship. Garvey has worked with Childress in both the Conservation of Marine Resources lab, as well as on a Creative Inquiry team.

“Riley will continue to make significant and meaningful contributions to our field of marine conservation through his tireless advocacy for those whose lives depend on a healthy ocean,” said Childress.

Students interested in the Udall Foundation scholarship or other nationally competitive programs should contact the Office of Major Fellowships at 864-656-9704 or

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