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Clemson among elite higher education institutions invited as official account on BeReal


BeReal, a social media platform taking the world by storm because of its mission to offer its users a “daily dose of real life,” invited Clemson to launch an official account.

BeReal selected Clemson because they felt the University already champions BeReal’s values and mission and the company knows the platform could offer Clemson’s audience, community and fan base a behind the scenes, authentic perspective into what they love about the University. 

Users can find the official Clemson BeReal account at bere.al/clemsonuniversity or by searching “Clemson University” on the BeReal app.

BeReal Fast Fact

First launched in March 2021, BeReal now boasts 25 million daily users. 

And what is so unique about BeReal? BeReal offers its users a prescribed daily two-minute window in which, no matter what they are doing, their front and back cameras start capturing their daily, transparent, genuine situation and then encourages them to post it every day within that 2-minute window.  

Interestingly, more than 40 percent of BeReal’s users post within 2 minutes every day. Appealing to a recent trend toward authenticity, BeReal taps into an overwhelming desire to live in an unfiltered world. 

A BeReal featuring the Tiger and the Tiger Cub at a Clemson football game
A BeReal with Clemson graduates at Clemson graduation

BeReal Fast Fact

70 percent of BeReal’s users are 14 to 24 years old.

BeReal can be downloaded via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.