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New Clemson University podcast aims to explain the natural world


Clemson University has launched a new science podcast titled Earthly that will explain the science behind some of world’s most pressing issues in agriculture, natural resources, wildlife, and the earth sciences.

The first edition of Earthly was distributed Sept. 5, 2023.

Earthly season one subjects include unraveling the mysteries of the Venus Flytrap, recently declared the official carnivorous plant of South Carolina; explaining the state’s flurry of geological activity; exploring radon and why levels are higher in the Upstate than elsewhere South Carolina; revealing why honeybee colonies are dying at an alarming rate; and understanding why feral hogs are unleashing havoc on the landscape.

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Earthly will be available on all major podcasting platforms and will have a dedicated website where listeners can see archived editions and learn more about guests and subjects. Episodes of Earthly will also include additional resources about podcast subject matter and transcripts at

Earthly is hosted by Clemson science writer Jonathan Veit, and is one of an array of Clemson University resources including the Home & Garden Information Center, Land-Grant Press, and Clemson Cooperative Extension.

“Clemson University is committed to its land-grant mission of extending its resources beyond campus through Clemson Cooperative Extension, its regulatory and rural health programs, and myriad other initiatives. Earthly is another way that South Carolina citizens can benefit from the expertise of Clemson University professors, researchers, and subject matter experts,” Veit said.

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