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Clemson announces standardized test optional applications policy for Fall 2021 admissions


CLEMSON, S.C. – Clemson University will temporarily waive standardized test scores as a requirement for applicants for the 2021-22 academic year in recognition of the challenges presented to prospective students and their families by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has introduced tremendous disruption to the college search and application process including the availability and capacity of standardized testing facilities. The University also understands some students may not be comfortable taking a test at this time due to prevalence of the disease. By temporarily waiving these requirements, Clemson aims to minimize applicant stress through the process.

“We recognize the COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges for prospective students, including access to standardized testing opportunities,” said David Kuskowski, associate vice president of enrollment management at Clemson University. “We hope that our adoption of a test-optional policy will reassure students they will not be penalized for circumstances beyond their control.”

Clemson applicants unable to submit standardized test results will not be disadvantaged through the application process, and the lack of test scores will not affect eligibility for financial aid. The Honors College is also prepared to review applicants without standardized test scores, including for the National Scholars program.

“Our admissions review process has always considered a variety of factors, and a student’s academic performance in high school is the clearest indicator of potential success at Clemson. The adoption of this policy allows us to continue to assess students’ ability to thrive at Clemson according to these factors,” said Kuskowski. It will be in effect only for students applying for admission during the 2021 calendar year (Spring, Summer, Fall Semesters).

At this time, South Carolina applicants are still strongly encouraged to take the SAT or ACT, which continue to be required for the state’s Palmetto scholarship and important to be competitive for the state’s Life scholarship.

With health and safety at the forefront, Clemson continues to closely monitor the progression of the pandemic and look for ways to support talented students who wish to attend the University.
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