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Clemson student awarded Rossini Scholarship for fifth consecutive year


Clemson University Graphic Communications Student Katherine Treadaway Wins First Place Flexographic Printing Research Award

CLEMSON The Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics is proud to congratulate Clemson University Graphic Communications student, Katherine Treadaway, for accepting the Rossini Scholarship at this year’s Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) Forum. This is the fifth consecutive year that a Clemson University student has been awarded the scholarship, which grants funds to both the student and their school for a winning flexographic research proposal.

Treadaway won first place at the Awards Banquet, accepting a total of $13,000 to assist with her undergraduate research, with three thousand of those dollars being contributed to Clemson University’s Graphic Communications department.

From the FTA website, “the FFTA Rossini North America Flexographic Research Scholarship is the industry’s most generous and prestigious annual scholarship of its kind. It is the perfect opportunity to advance your education, make a positive contribution to the flexo printing industry, and foster invaluable relationships that can last a lifetime.”

Students are required to submit a proposal that addresses a problem in the flexographic industry, provide transcripts and three letters of recommendation, and identify a project faculty advisor.  Liam O’Hara, Associate Professor of Graphic Communications, advised Treadaway on her winning research proposal.

Treadaway’s proposal was based on the idea that with recent developments in press technology, the plate relief standard of 18-22 mils can be reduced to allow for greater minimum dot stability without printing the floor of the plate.

“I believe that the thicker plate floor will improve highlight dot performance and achieve higher resolutions with both conventional and hybrid screening across multiple substrates,” said Treadaway. “My main goal is to utilize technology that is commonplace in the industry so the findings can be easily implemented. If successful, printers will be able to print smaller minimum dots without printing the floor of the plate from increased impression in addition to smoother fade-to-zeroes. These cleaner fades will increase the quality of their products by being able to print smoother linear gradients, radial gradients and high-quality images that utilize a lot of highlight dots.”

Last year, Graphic Communications student Thomas Koester accepted the scholarship on behalf of Clemson University. His research explores the possibilities of variable repeat printing and examines how much of an asset variable repeats can be as a security feature to the flexographic print and packaging industry.

Treadaway accepts Rossini Scholarship on May 6, 2018 in Indianapolis, IN.

“After graduation, I first hope to continue my research through the Graphic Communications Graduate Program at Clemson University,” Treadaway continued. “After earning my master’s degree, I would like to enter the flexographic industry, ideally in the area of package printing. In the meantime, I want to make the most of my college experience and continue to learn as much as I can to better prepare myself for what the future might hold.”

The Awards Banquet took place on May 6, 2018 in Indianapolis, IN. Sonoco Institute staff, along with a large group of Clemson faculty and students from Graphic Communications and Packaging Science, attended the FTA Forum this year to network, gain valuable industry insights and represent the University at INFOFLEX 2018, the accompanying printing and packaging trade show.

“I am delighted and honored to be the 2018 recipient of the Rossini Scholarship, and I am looking forward to beginning my research on optimizing relief depth for high resolutions and small features,” commented Treadaway. “I’d like to thank the Sonoco Institute for working with me on this research project and helping me to achieve my goals!”

For more information on how the Sonoco Institute provides valuable resources to Clemson University printing and packaging students and how you can get involved, visit SonocoInstitute.com.

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