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‘Woodstock Then and Now’ takes readers behind the scenes of the festival that defined a generation


Berklee music historians preserve the iconic event through first-person accounts in new book from Clemson University Press.

“1969—I was 11 and although I fashioned myself quite mature, I was still too young to attend Woodstock. I feel like I did attend it though from the music and movies and footage and now, most importantly, this definitive text. A summer of love and learning and a miracle of the changing times presented by the people that made it.” — Jamie Lee Curtis

“If you ever wanted to get the ‘inside’ scoop on what happened at Woodstock then you have to read this book. It will transport you to the actual days of the formation of the concerts and give you a great idea of the complexity of the festival.” — Graham Nash

More than five decades after the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, fans and historians alike revisit the three-day festival to better understand the transformational decade. To commemorate the festival, Berklee College of Music hosted a weeklong 50th anniversary event, which included panels and events with Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang; emcee, stage, and lighting designer Chip Monck; photographers Henry Diltz and Elliott Landy; sound designer Bill Hanley; public relations officer Rona Elliot; and Gerardo Velez, percussionist for Jimi Hendrix. These transcripts are now available for the first time in Clemson University Press’s most recent title, Woodstock Then and Now

Edited by Berklee College of Music’s Alex Ludwig, assistant professor, and Simone Pilon, dean of Academic Affairs for the Valencia, Spain campus, the book provides insider access to behind-the-scenes happenings of one of music history’s most iconic events. “Woodstock Then and Now is a tremendous resource on the historical and artistic significance of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair five decades after the event,” said Ludwig. “I am so proud to be a part of such an important book that not only examines the way Woodstock changed the American musical landscape, but also celebrates its ongoing legacy well into today.”

The book is currently available online for $39.95 through Clemson University Press and other major retailers, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


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