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Wanted: Ambassadors to tell the College of Business story


A few good young men and women are being sought for College of Business ambassadorships.

To qualify for the College of Business Recruitment Ambassadors (COBRA), candidates will need good communication skills, a positive attitude and must be passionate about Clemson University and college. Also, as Wil Niesen, senior marketing major, put it, “a burning desire to enrich future Tigers on all that the College of Business has to offer.”

Students interacting for ambassador recruitment story
Wil Niesen, center, Student Advisory Board chair, is looking for recruitment ambassadors

The idea for COBRA was conceived in the spring 2019 semester during a discussion between Dean Wendy York and the College of Business Student Advisory Board.

“We’re looking for a diverse group of about 12 candidates – freshmen to seniors – who will go through training and represent the business school in one-on-one information sessions with prospective students and their families,” said Wil, president of COBRA and chair of the 2019-20 Student Advisory Board. “In addition, our ambassadors will speak at various University recruitment events like Future Tiger Days for accepted students and the college’s weekly information sessions,” he added.

COBRA is working with Melonee Yearwood, academic advisor and recruiter in the Academic Advising Center, to get the program fully staffed. A Sept. 22 deadline has been set for applications. For more information on COBRA, contact Wil Niesen at wniesen@g.clemson.edu or apply online before Sept. 22.

“In addition to fulfilling a need for the college, the recruitment ambassadors will be exposed to a great development opportunity,” Yearwood said. “Students will hone their public speaking and presentation skills as they interact with families and students. They will also be leaving their own mark on Clemson University’s College of Business.”

Once candidates are selected, training will commence in October, with completion anticipated by the end of November. Six hours of training will be administered over three days.

Wil, who is also a University tour guide, said the recruitment ambassadors will receive thorough training that will enable them to address the questions freshmen would typically ask.

“We adapted the University campus tour training to fit College of Business needs. Our ambassadors will be well versed in general information about the university, but our training will delve into areas specific to the business school. This training will ensure that an organized and consistent message is delivered to our incoming students.”

Given most recruiting events are held during the spring semester, the ambassadors’ time commitment would be heavier then. Ambassadors will be expected to commit to five events each semester, plus a monthly meeting.

“We wanted to amp up our recruitment messaging, and who better to tell the College of Business story than those who live the experience day in and out,” Dean York said. “These students will be doing the college a great service, and in the process, will benefit by developing their interpersonal skills. Everyone wins – our ambassadors, future students and the college.”

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