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Updates and Reminders: Undergraduate Class Regulations, 2021 Spring Term


Provided below are specific end-of-term policies and reminders. All academic dates referenced here are for the full spring term.  Additional information can be found at

Classroom Disruptions:

Occasionally instructors must manage students disrupting class. In cases of an emergency that require an immediate response call 854-656-2222; for other concerns about student behavior call 864-656-0935.

Last Week of Classes:

No examinations, other than laboratory examinations and those related to one credit courses, are permitted on the last two days of classes (April 22 & 23).

University Testing and Education Center (UTEC):

The Clemson University Testing and Education Center in Vickery Hall is open and supports those with accommodated testing needs as well as external certification examinations.

Grading System:

Clemson University’s grading system is described in the 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog. Grades of A, B, C, D, F, I, P, NP and W may be given in accordance with academic regulations.

Giving a Grade of Incomplete (I):

As stated in the 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog, “a grade of Incomplete is to be given when a relatively small part of the semester’s work remains undone” and it is expected that “instructors and students will resolve the incomplete grade as soon as possible, but not to exceed thirty days from the first day of classes in the next scheduled session (excluding summer session and regardless of the student’s enrollment status).” Unless an extension is requested, a letter grade of ‘I’ will be converted to an ‘F’ at the end of this time period. As long as the grade remains an ‘I’ it will be factored into the GPA as an ‘F’, so instructors and students should work together on a timely makeup.

Final Examinations:

At their own discretion, instructors may excuse from the final examination or final assessment any student who wants their final grade to be based on the coursework prior to the final examination. [This option is a special adaptation of the normal policy that exempts ‘A’ students only, in force for Spring 2021]. For all other students, final examinations or other final assessments are required in all subjects at the end of each semester, except in courses in which final examinations are not deemed necessary as approved by the department faculty.

For courses that are currently being delivered fully in-person (traditional), final exams may be given in-person as long as students also have the option to take the exam online on the same date and at the same time. For all other courses (blended/hybrid or online), final examinations will be delivered in online mode only.

Final assessments are not limited to traditional exam formats, but can take the form of projects, papers, reflections, discussions, presentations, etc.

Final examinations must be given (or due) on the dates and at the times designated in the final examination schedule (, except in laboratory and one-credit-hour courses where the final exam will be given at the last class meeting. All courses that do not specify a standard day of the week and meeting time are not assigned a final exam date and time, and the final exam must be given during the examination week at a date and time announced by the instructor. This time must be stipulated in the syllabus at the beginning of the term. 

Circumventing the designated date/time for a final examination via consenting signatures from students for a different date/time, though freely agreed to, is a violation of the final examination policy. Students are to be given the entire length of the final exam period (2.5 hours) to complete their work, even if the final exam is designed to be completed in less time. This applies to all final examinations with a time limit, including those given online.

New Feature: now offers a feature called Chegg Honor Shield to help block student access to Chegg during exam times specified by instructors.

Retaining Examinations:

Clemson University faculty who exercise their right to retain student examinations are required to retain those examinations for a 120-calendar-day duration (exclusive of summer). Visiting instructors should leave examinations with the department chair.

Posting of Grades:

The United States Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits the public distribution of grades or graded work. This is commonly understood to include posting grades by student names, initials or student number. It is also understood to include placing of graded material in a public place where students go through the material to find their own graded work.