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Unveiling tradition: banners create memorable Homecoming


Every year, Clemson University’s Graphic Communications department welcomes back its cherished alumni and their families to Godfrey Hall, showcasing the latest innovations in the field while rekindling old friendships. As part of the Homecoming festivities, the department produces awe-inspiring banners that adorn the front of Godfrey Hall, embodying the spirit and pride that define Clemson University’s Homecoming celebration.

This year, the honor of designing and producing these iconic banners fell to Daryl Stevens and Ian Ruff in collaboration with a group of dedicated student volunteers led by Zachary Walsh. The banners also feature a QR code link, allowing alumni to access a video produced by recent Graphic Communications graduate Katie Kelly.

Creating these banners is no small feat. Each design must be visually appealing and adaptable to large-scale printing, ensuring that the intricate details and vibrant colors maintain their clarity when expanded to cover the facade of a building.

Selecting the right materials is crucial to ensure the banners withstand the elements, from rain and wind to sunshine. Due to their immense size, the printing process took place at the Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics, where large-format printers breathed life into the designs, ensuring color accuracy and sharpness. 18 banners measuring 5 feet wide by 32 feet high each were produced.

Once printed, the banners were transported back to Godfrey Hall for final preparations. Each banner was equipped with three metal bars strategically positioned at the top, bottom and middle. Attaching these bars to the vinyl banners required the precise placement of eight grommets on each banner, totaling 144 grommets, to mount all the impressive banners securely.

During Homecoming week, these banners serve as a visual spectacle, visible from Bowman Field, contributing to the event’s festive atmosphere. They proudly showcase the collaborative efforts of students and faculty, exemplifying the potential of technology and design skills within Clemson University’s Department of Graphic Communications.

Clemson University’s Homecoming celebration continues to be a cherished tradition, made all the more special by the eye-catching banners that exemplify the University’s commitment to excellence in the field of graphic communications.

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