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Summer Session II offers students a Global Leadership Experience


Waiting for the return of business as usual isn’t an option when preparing the next generation of Clemson University business leaders to compete in a global economy.

Toward that end, the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business is offering its students a “Global Leadership Experience” this summer, replete with six credits of an international business curriculum, including a course in crisis leadership principles, all taught in a virtual environment.

“As we work through the pandemic’s many effects on our lives, including travel limitations, instilling a global mindset in tomorrow’s business leaders can’t be put on hold,” said Judson Jahn, a senior lecturer of Legal Studies who has 20 years of experience organizing and running study abroad programs. “The Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business is moving forward with two of its business-critical competencies – Global Awareness and Leadership – in this Summer Session II offering that will expose its participants to the knowledge and skills essential to living and working in an international business environment.”

Dean Wendy York joins senior lecturer Judson Jahn and his Business Negotiations class.

Students will take two courses – six credit hours – in leadership and international business. All students will take BUS 3990, taught by Dean Wendy York, entitled “Leadership Lessons: Pivoting Out of a Crisis.” Students can then choose from one of two classes – MGT 4230, (International Business Management), taught by professor Wayne Stewart, or LAW 4200, (International Business Law), taught by lecturer Scott Toussaint. The courses will include guest lectures from international business leaders and case discussions with students from global universities.

Beyond the coursework, students will complete requirements to obtain the AFS Global Competence Certificate, a program that develops tangible global skills essential to live, work, and make a real social impact around the world.

“This Summer Session offering is a great opportunity for students to learn leadership principles from Dean York, who has held executive leadership roles in business and academia,” said Gaby Peschiera assistant director, Global Engagement. “In addition to providing a global business perspective during a period of pandemic-related travel restrictions, it’s an opportunity for students to see if they have an interest in a future study abroad program.”

Stewart said the globalization of markets and supply chains has a profound economic influence and it’s important for students to have a global mindset in order to understand and effectively address the global circumstances that are important for their careers.  

“The Global Leadership Experience is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for students to lead in the modern economy,” said Stewart, whose research is international in scope.  “This program distinguishes its participants in the job market and helps prepare them for leadership roles in addressing the challenges of our time, many of which are both cause and consequence of global circumstances.”

Dean York said the Summer Session global leadership course offerings are another step in ensuring Clemson graduates are market ready to compete and succeed in a global economy.

“Business education at Clemson must build upon its history of producing principled leaders of business and industry who are capable of leading in a global economy,” Dean York said. “It is vital for us to foster a global mindset to prepare our students for the challenges they will face in the business world as a global citizen. During these uncertain times, this summer session provides a flexible alternative for students to experience intercultural learning at a high level.”

Register for a virtual information session on the Global Leadership Experience, which will be held Feb. 17, 5:30 p.m.

For more information, click here, or contact Judson Jahn or Gaby Peschiera in the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business.

To apply for the Global Leadership Experience, click here.

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