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Student Affairs Talk: Erin Fogle


Editor’s note: This is the latest installment in our series of “Student Affairs Talk” podcasts. In it, Communications Director for Student Affairs Philip Sikes visits with various leaders from the staff and student communities. This week’s featured guest is Erin Fogle, associate director for the Office of Student Transitions and Family Programs.

Head shot of Erin Fogle, associate director of Student Transitions and Family Programs
Fogle is associate director within Student Transitions and Family Programs and works extensively with Clemson’s group of Orientation Ambassadors.

It takes a certain personality to push others through the grind that is New Student Orientation. Fifteen sessions covering 25 full days between June 7 and July 19 in the sweltering heat of a Clemson summer is no small task. Luckily for Clemson, Erin Fogle has proven over the years she’s more than up for it.

Fogle is responsible for annually recruiting, selecting and training a team of Orientation Ambassadors — a group consisting of more than 30 well-respected student leaders — who transition new groups of students (and their parents) into Clemson each year by providing them with an introduction to campus and the immense resources available to aid in their experience.

She is no stranger to the role, having served as an ambassador herself as an undergraduate. She also spent time as a tour guide and varsity cheerleader before earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2014. She attended graduate school and worked with the office in an interim role before moving into a permanent position as associate director in 2016.

She’s experienced many memorable Clemson moments, but a couple stand out recently. Two years ago, she was caught completely off-guard when cameras appeared behind her to capture a marriage proposal from Tanner Fogle. The two were married earlier this year. Also in 2017, she experienced the thrill of a lifetime by returning to her hometown of Tampa, Florida in January to cheer on the Tiger football team as it won the National Championship over Alabama in Raymond James Stadium.

Hear all about both experiences and much more on this week’s podcast.

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