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Student Affairs Talk: Dan Hofmann


Student Affairs Talk: Dan Hofmann

Editor’s note: This is the latest installment in our series of “Student Affairs Talk” podcasts. In it, Communications Director for Student Affairs Philip Sikes visits with various leaders from the staff and student communities. This week’s featured guest is Dan Hofmann, director of Clemson’s Parking and Transportation Services.

(L to R) Dan Radakovich, Dan Hofmann, Almeda Jacks, Greg Mullen, Roberta Balliet
Hofmann, second from left, was instrumental in hosting an appreciation event for community first responders as president of the Staff Senate. He is pictured with other contributors to the event (L to R) Dan Radakovich, Almeda Jacks, Greg Mullen and Roberta Balliet.

Dan Hofmann probably didn’t envision his life unfolding this way after a career focused on parking and transportation in major metropolitan cities such as New York City and Boston. But now with a wife on staff at the university and a daughter who recently graduated, Hofmann can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Hofmann is in the midst of his seventh year as director of Parking and Transportation Services, a demanding job that calls for a great amount of leadership and ability to work with others. He has instituted a number of innovations on Clemson’s growing campus and in today’s podcast speaks at length about those projects, his background in the Northeast, his role as president of the Staff Senate, as well as some of the misconceptions about the work his department does.

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