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Strong start to annual required training; almost halfway to deadline


Clemson University launched this year’s annual required training program for all faculty and staff on September 19. As we approach the November 7 deadline, faculty and staff are encouraged to complete the three required training modules sooner rather than later. 

Forty-three percent of faculty and staff have completed all three required courses.   

  • Conflict of Interest: 42% 
  • Information Security Awareness: 49%
  • Building Supportive Communities: Title IX: 38%

This yearly requirement is a proactive measure intended to protect the Clemson University community and promote responsible practices. Faculty and staff are asked to complete this critical requirement to ensure another year of full participation across the University. 

Access your  Tiger Training Account to complete the training. Tiger Training reminders and login alerts will continue to inform faculty and staff members who have not completed the training as the deadline nears.  

Faculty and staff with outstanding training modules after the November 7 deadline will be denied access to their Clemson University accounts. 
Reach out to with any questions.