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Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte receives AES Electrophoresis Society Distinguished Service Award


Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Clemson University, was honored Oct. 10 with the AES Electrophoresis Society Distinguished Service Award at the annual meeting in Reno, Nevada.

Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte

The award acknowledges Martinez-Duarte’s comprehensive involvement and pivotal contributions to the society’s success and expansion. He has held several leadership roles in the organization, serving as the president, vice-president, executive vice-president, and the chair of the awards committee among other significant positions.

Colleagues voiced strong support for Martinez-Duarte’s nomination, with remarks underscoring his tireless support for AES, his notable efforts in streamlining the society’s award procedures and his significant scientific contributions to electrokinetics and microfluidics.

Not only has Martinez-Duarte held multiple board positions within the AES Electrophoresis Society since 2011, but he’s also championed its cause as a conference organizer, editor, session organizer, and poster judge at several events.

This award marks a high point in Martinez-Duarte’s already distinguished career, emphasizing his unwavering dedication to the field and to the AES Electrophoresis Society.

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