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Public Safety launches “Tigers Share because Tigers Care” campaign


The safety and security of students, faculty and staff is always a top priority at Clemson and Clemson University Public Safety works hard to ensure a safe environment for everyone. In order to fully achieve this goal, it is vital that every member of the Clemson University community be an active participant.

Public Safety is launching its “Tigers Share because Tigers Care” campaign to encourage everyone to do their part to keep Clemson safe. If you see something, say something and do something. Sharing information, taking action and engaging in bystander intervention shows that you care and creates a supportive environment for everyone.

Be an active bystander

When you see a situation that gives you a gut feeling that something isn’t right, you have the power to step in and prevent harm. Utilize the 3Ds of bystander intervention to interrupt harm and provide support.

  • Direct: Directly address the situation in the moment to de-escalate, either by addressing the person causing harm or supporting the person being harmed.
  • Delegate: Get help with intervening from friends, other bystanders, or people with more power in the situation.
  • Distract: Create a distraction that allows the person being harmed to leave the situation safely.

Learn more about bystander intervention on the Healthy Campus website.

Report incidents you see or hear about

If you see something or hear about an incident, say something and report it. If you’re unsure whether or not you should report something, report it. Use the following methods to report an incident:

  • For active emergencies or someone’s health and safety is in danger, dial 911
  • Call the Clemson University Police Department at 864-656-2222
  • Use the Text CU Dispatch feature on the Rave Guardian app to report an incident or discreetly request assistance from CUPD
  • Use the online Incident Report Form

Learn more about how to report incidents in the reporting section of the Student Affairs website.

It is our duty as Tigers to care for each other. If you are unsure or even a little concerned about safety, do not hesitate to call CUPD.