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Pre-Vet Med Mentoring Visit


Pre Vet Med students pose for a photo during a mentoring event with the College of Veterinary Medicine Staff.
CVM Dean Steven Marks, Alexa Hock (Sophomore), Ashlee Romp (Senior), Meghan McDonough (Senior), Brady Moody (Junior)
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Dean Steven Marks and Dr. Dianne Dunning spent Wednesday afternoon mentoring future veterinarians. The Pre-Vet Club, which became a Delegated Student Organization in 2021, is a part of Animal and Veterinary Science (AVS). According to club president Ashlee Romp, members can explore the diverse field of veterinary medicine, veterinary schools and internship options.

“The club actively organizes a range of events throughout the year, not only to enhance members’ understanding of the profession but also to contribute to the community,” said Romp. “These events include fundraisers for local shelters, suture clinics, and trips to Vet Schools.”

 Romp reached out to Marks and Dunning to offer members an exciting opportunity for collaboration and cooperation with experienced veterinarians.

“This initiative aimed to provide our members with valuable insights and personalized feedback to strengthen their CVs and veterinary school applications,” said Romp. “I hope the one-on-one sessions created a conducive space for members to actively practice and refine their interview skills to be prepared for any future academic and professional endeavors within the veterinary field.”

During Wednesday’s visit, students came prepared to ask questions and receive constructive feedback. Some students are already applying to veterinary colleges and others are preparing to do so soon.

“My advice to them is to maintain a high GPA, but also be well-rounded and diverse in their activities and interests,” said Marks. “It is challenging at this point in their student careers to distinguish themselves from other students with the same goal. So, my advice is to look for ways to highlight who you are but also why you are different than others with similar goals.”

As they work on a team creating Clemson’s College of Veterinary Medicine- the first in the state- the pair is very interested in teaching and mentoring up-and-coming veterinarians.

“Mentorship is critical to pre-veterinary students seeking admission to Colleges and Schools of Veterinary Medicine due to the variety of backgrounds and experiences of each student,” said Dunning. “Understanding how to put one’s best foot forward on their application and highlight their diversity of experiences is extremely important.”

Marks and Dunning represent decades of experience in the world of veterinary medicine. They offered students many nuggets of advice as they embarked on their educational and career journeys.

“Be yourself,” said Dunning. “It’s important to understand the profession you want to enter and develop solid studying skills early.”

“At times, people mistakenly think veterinary medicine is all about animals but in fact it is very much about people, relationships and communication,” said Marks.

The Pre-Vet Club comprises about 120 students with diverse interests and career goals.

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