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Phil Roth’s meta-analysis research earns him Schmidt-Hunter Award


Clemson University’s Phil Roth, a Trevillian Distinguished Professor of Management, is the first author of a research paper that has received the 2019 Schmidt-Hunter Award for Meta-analysis from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP).

Phil Roth wins Hunter-Schmidt award
Phil Roth

The SIOP annually presents the Schmidt-Hunter award for the best advances related to industrial and organizational psychology from published meta-analysis research. The research must have a print publication date in the previous three calendar years in human resource management, organizational behavior, or industrial and organizational psychology.

“An award of this significance speaks to the caliber of our Department of Management faculty and is a testament to Phil’s passion and dedication for research,” said Craig Wallace, department chair. “We are fortunate to have someone of Phil’s academic stature on faculty.”

The SIOP is comprised of more than 10,000 individuals whose scholarly interests lie in the world of people at work.

Meta-analysis is a mathematical way to cumulate the results of decades worth of data on an issue. Mathematically, researchers “crunch” the results of years of studies to reach a consensus on what evidence the field presents on a topic or issue.

Roth and his associates studied how a variety of ethnic groups performed on various selection tests.  “Hispanic and Asian performance on selection procedures: A narrative and meta-analytic review of 12 common predictors” focused on Asian and Hispanic minorities given the lack of work in that area. Both minority groups are growing in numbers and in percentage of the U.S. workforce. The project took eight years to complete.

In addition to Roth, the research team included Chad Van Iddekinge of Florida State University, who received his Ph.D. in industrial and organization psychology at Clemson. Other researchers were Philip S. DeOrtentiis, Michigan State University; Kaylee Hackney, Baylor University; Liwen Zhang, Florida State University and Maury Buster, state of Alabama industrial and organizational psychologist.

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