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Parking permit renewal begins today; information and resources



Faculty and staff may renew their annual parking permits online beginning today, June 8, and should visit the Parking and Transportation Services website to get their 2022-2023 permit and more information.

Existing permits expire June 30. 

Many employees will not see an increase in the permit fee for the coming year; others will see a modest increase, and the rates continue to be based on pay bands.

Employee Parking Permit Rate increases
Parking Services will be funding additional service times to expand Park-N-Ride’s schedule and new routes and new lots are under consideration.

This year, with a few exceptions, faculty and staff will not receive repositionable decals to stick to their windshields when renewing their parking permits. Their vehicle license plate will be their permit.

For greater flexibility, employees may link up to three license plates to their permits if they have multiple vehicles. Parking and Transportation Services Director Dan Hofmann encourages employees to confirm the numbers of their linked license plates in their account are accurate and to note only one registered vehicle can be on campus at a time to avoid citations.  

Because the license plate is an employee’s parking permit, faculty and staff are asked to park their vehicles with the license plate clearly visible. Hofmann said he wants everyone to please pull into parking spots so that your vehicle license plate is visible from the travel lane. If you choose to back into a parking space and do not have a matching front license plate, contact Parking and Transportation Services at

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