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New updates available in Canvas this spring


There are several new visual features and updates available in Canvas this semester.

One of the newly available features in Canvas is an updated grade book. Regarding the legacy grade book, a prior announcement was made informing users of the update set to arrive in the spring. A list of comparing features between the old and new grade book is available. Additional resources for the updated grade book are also available.

Other new features being made available in Canvas are the student context cards and updated analytic capabilities. The new student context cards will allow instructors to view a student’s course progress in snapshot form. The feature will be accessible by navigating to the People tab and clicking on the corresponding student’s name. The updated analytics features contain a wider variety of tools to better assist instructors in reviewing their courses and students’ information.

For further assistance with Canvas or other general questions, Clemson Online is hosting calendar events throughout the spring semester to help address any inquiries and provide additional aid to instructors.

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