College of Veterinary Medicine

Meet the Team: Founding Dean, Steven Marks


Dr. Steven Marks is the founding dean of the College of Veterinary (CVM) Medicine. With the accreditation process well underway, the goal is to welcome the first class of students in 2026. Facilities planning, faculty hiring, and curriculum development are also on track.

“So far, the most exciting aspects of building the CVM is how welcoming Clemson University and the people of SC have been. Clemson is a special place that will allow us to attract the best and brightest staff, faculty, and students. We are looking forward to breaking ground and making this dream a reality.”

Bringing the College of Veterinary Medicine to life comes at a critical time. According to a 2023 feasibility study, over a third of counties in the state have fewer than five veterinarians. Additionally, qualified candidates are applying to veterinary colleges, yet there are not enough seats across the country to accommodate students’ desire to become veterinarians.

“Our goals are to provide an exceptional student experience in a challenging, nurturing and values-driven environment to produce day-one prepared veterinarians. In the companion animal world, the human-animal bond has a very positive and important impact on the physical and mental health of their human families. In the large animal and production animal world, there are still important impacts of the human-animal bond, but there are also important public health, food safety, and economic impacts in the state.”

Marks is thrilled to step into this new and exciting role. He says he’s wanted to pursue a career in veterinary medicine since middle school. As the father of a Clemson University graduate, he’s seen the positive impact this school makes on students. He jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the Clemson family.

“This role allows me to combine my passions for the human-animal bond and training the next generation of veterinary clinicians and scientists. The CVM has goals that align with the University’s strategic plan, to create a top-rate student experience and positively impact the animals and citizens of SC and beyond.”

The success of the college rests on the ability to build a team of faculty and staff who prioritize the student experience while continuing to pursue the overall goals of the CVM and Clemson.

“’There’s something special in these hills,’ and it is Clemson University and the College of Veterinary Medicine.” 

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