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Lyceum program welcomes incoming class of 19 scholars to Clemson University


Nineteen incoming first-year students have become the eighth class to join the Lyceum Scholars Program and choose an educational path that examines the history of liberty, capitalism, free societies and the principles of moral character.

“We are excited to have our eighth class join us to pursue the enduring questions of political theory and to study the principles of American government, ” said Michael Hoffpauir, Ph.D., Associate Director of the Lyceum Scholars Program and a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. “We have a great bunch of Scholars, and we expect great things to happen.”

Lyceum Scholars Class of 2026
Incoming Class of 2026

The Lyceum Scholars Class of 2026 and their hometowns include Brady Beddingfield, Waxhaw, NC; Carter Berry, Westminster, SC; Ashley Burgess, Summerville, SC; Connor Crase, Troutman, NC; Jake DuRegger, Charleston, SC; Violette Franke, Spartanburg, SC; Walker Green, Pendleton, SC; Kaitlin Hess, Stuttgart, GER; Lillian Kriese, Summerville, SC; Somer Lankford, Charleston, SC; Madeline Leonard, King George, VA; Rachel Lynch, Vienna, VA; Thad Martin, Oilville, VA; Anna Scott Nutall, Mount Pleasent, SC; Dylan Odin, Dillon, SC; Boone Simms, Dallas, TX; Bailee Tayles, Scottsdale, AZ; Katelyn Vergakis, Bluffton, SC; and Claire Woynerowski, Annapolis, MD.

Madeline Leonard sees the Lyceum Program as the perfect educational program she’s been looking for in a college. “I was interested in being a part of a political science program, and I liked that the Lyceum curriculum is rooted in ancient philosophical works as well as writings from America’s founding era,” she said.

Created in 2014, the Lyceum Scholars Program had more than 550 applications for entry into this year’s class. To qualify for the program, applicants undergo an application process that consists of essay questions and an interview. Those accepted into the program receive a $10,000 scholarship distributed over four years to learn about liberty, free markets, the American founding and moral character through a “Great Books” approach.

Ashley Burgess said she’s been looking forward to beginning the Lyceum program ever since she began the application process. “The interview piqued my excitement about the directors of the program and made the whole experience even better,” Ashley said. “The classes perfectly sum up everything I have wanted to independently discover and study.”

The Lyceum Scholars Program, where students read from classic texts about renowned academics in political and economic thought, draws on the inspiration from the Lyceum school Aristotle founded in 335 B.C.

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