Student Affairs

Leave Your Legacy: Apply to be a Clemson Tour Guide


By Cormick Stockham, Student Affairs Publications communications intern

It is more than just orange polo shirts and ear-to-ear smiles — it is a chance to leave your legacy on the future students of Clemson University.

On campus, the Clemson University Guide Association, or CUGA, is made up of almost 100 Clemson undergraduate students who volunteer their time to give campus tours to more than 70,000 prospective students and their family members every year. However, the culture of CUGA goes far beyondgiving tours; it is a family, a support system and a dedicated group of student leaders.

Among these student leaders are Caroline Long and Samantha Moody, CUGA’s 2021 recruitment chairs.

Long, a senior management major from Fayetteville, Arkansas, is a student in the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business where she is focusing on international business. Her co-recruitment chair and right-hand woman, Moody, from Glen Ellyn, Illinois, is also a senior in the College of Business where she is studying marketing.

Both officers on their sorority’s chapter council for the 2020-21 academic year, Long and Moody knew they worked dynamically together and no matter the stress of a project, they could count on each other — one of the many reasons they chose to run for the recruitment position as a pair.

Additionally, they both possess a passion for Clemson that grew out of their very first tour as prospective students.

“When I toured Clemson, I had this immediate feeling of belonging and welcomeness,” Long said. “I thought if I can have that feeling and be a part of that for someone else then that is a dream come true.”

Moody realizes she can do the same as an executive with CUGA.

“I can leave a lasting impact on the University and introduce someone to their future home,” Moody said.

Recognizing this same passion for Clemson ingrained in students all across campus, Long and Moody want to encourage anyone who is interested in becoming a tour guide to apply.

Students returned to Clemson’s main campus for the first day of classes on Wednesday, Aug. 18.

“I think that it is important for people to know that there is a spot for every type of person,” Long said. “There is no cardboard cutout for the perfect tour guide because that just simply does not exist.”

A central focus to this year’s recruitment is Moody and Long’s aim to grow CUGA to be an even more inclusive and diverse representation of Clemson’s campus.

“CUGA opened me to a whole other diverse group of friends with different viewpoints,” Moody said.

This is something she and Long want to emphasize in the new class of admitted guides.

“Everyone has a different story; everyone has something valuable to say,” Long shared. “You can learn a lesson from anybody.”

With the application due date quickly approaching, Long shared advice for interested students on how to be successful during the application and interviewing process.

“Be yourself, exactly whole-heartedly who you are,” Long said. “We want to be able to see everyone’s individual personalities shine through.”

“I genuinely cannot think of one reason for anyone not to apply,” she continued. “Maybe you’re nervous about applying or hesitant to, but it could become one of the best things you do at Clemson. And it is a way to leave your legacy at Clemson for the rest of your life.”

If you are considering applying to be a tour guide, CUGA will be hosting a drop-in on Tuesday, August 31 with applications due four days later on September 3. If you have any questions about the application process or the Clemson Guide Association in general, please reach out to Long ( or Moody (