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Invested in Clemson: Ben Greene, 2024 graduate


All it took was one tour for Ben Greene to decide Clemson was where he wanted his home to be for the four years following high school. But that didn’t stop him from taking two more just for fun. A Memphis, Tennessee native, Greene grew up always thinking he would go to college somewhere in Tennessee, but things changed after that first tour. Greene heard all about Clemson and realized the University and the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business could offer him something valuable: balance. He wanted to go to a strong academic institution but one that was also balanced in social, professional and academic opportunities.

Ben Greene, a Powers College of Business '24 graduate, is a tour guide.
Ben became a tour guide his junior year and served as the President of the Powers College of Business Recruiting Ambassadors his senior year.

Inspired by his dad and sister, who are both accountants, Greene knew he wanted to major in business, but he wasn’t sure in what area. He had only taken one business class in high school, so he was excited to learn about the pre-business curriculum. This curriculum is unique to the Powers College of Business, allowing students to come in and experience classes in several different fields of business before declaring a major during their second year, with the exception of graphic communications. His first-year classes helped solidify his decision for him as he found himself enjoying his accounting classes. He then decided to add a major in finance as well.

Through his classes, he has been able to build strong relationships with his professors and find a supportive network. One professor Greene really connected with was Kerri McMillian, principal lecturer in the Department of Finance. The positivity McMillan brings to the classroom is contagious, and, in her words, “It’s always a good day for finance!” Greene said he loved taking her class and diving into hands-on projects.

Greene is also involved around campus. During his first year, he joined a business fraternity, became a tour guide his junior year and even served as the President of the Powers College of Business Recruiting Ambassadors this year. He says that although the campus is big and has a lot of students, he can go anywhere and find people he knows. “I just love the emphasis on the family. You know, people talk about the Clemson Family and how everyone supports each other. It’s a real thing.”

This spring, Greene will graduate with a double major in accounting and finance. Following graduation, he will be interning at KPMG, a Big Four accounting firm in Charlotte, doing audits. Then, this fall, he will return to South Carolina to complete his the Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAcc) program at Clemson. “I just want to be around Clemson. I want to be around alumni and still be a physical part of the Clemson community. I will forever be grateful for my experience here.”




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