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Introducing the CU Grow Class of 2021-2022


Building on an extraordinarily successful first year, CU Grow will host its second cohort represented by a diverse group of 28 staff professionals. Employees across various academic areas, innovation campuses, Extension, Facilities, IPTAY, Information Technology, and more will benefit from this personalized and intentional professional development initiative.

An extensive one-year program, which recently graduated its inaugural class in August, CU Grow is intended to raise levels of leadership, engagement, and professional growth for employed staff at Clemson University. Jaz Hamilton-Allen, an organizational development lead in the Office of Human Resources and founder of the program, said she is excited and ready to get started with the new group of staff professionals.

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“The team and I genuinely enjoyed working with the inaugural group and look forward to watching the next team grow,” Hamilton-Allen said.

CU Grow consists of a curriculum of more than 150 hours and culminates with a team service project. The cohort will participate in various workshops to enhance their personal and professional development, helping them become more well-rounded and expanding their current skill sets.

“Adult learners have different needs, so the CU Grow Program is customized and competency-specific. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to development,” Hamilton-Allen said.“CU Grow engages its members on a high level and tailors individual development plans and training to support their own goals and aspirations.”

Hamilton-Allen said she believes the success of CU Grow and its model can spread further across the University as it moves forward opening more doors for leadership opportunities..

“Each CU Grow class will have opportunities to collaborate with other units, departments and colleges across the state. The program was intentionally designed to be adaptable, so we can scale as needed,” Hamilton-Allen said.“We want to give the Clemson Family a platform to cultivate creativity and incorporate innovative ideas in areas where they can make a significant impact.”

CU Grow’s second cohort will begin the program November 3. Read more about the individual members and their roles at the University here.

2021-22 CU Grow Cohort

Paul Alongi (Features and Technical Writer, CECAS)

Brian Bolt (Extension Field Operations, Assistant Specialist – Livestock)

Derek Ekaitis (Staff and Faculty Relations, Office of Human Resources)

Lauren Gaulin (Associate Director of Major Gifts, IPTAY)

Nicole “Nicci” Hanewald (Program Coordinator 1, Emeritus college)

Sierra Holland (Engagement and Retention Analyst, Office of Human Resources)

Benjamin Houston (Associate Director Event Operations/Championships, Athletics)

Lisa Jackson (PEER Wise, CECAS)

Donna Jervis (Administrative Coordinator, CBSHS – Dept of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice)

Sarah King (SNAP Education Program Coordinator, Youth Learning Institute)

Lori Kinley (Associate Director Online Development, Clemson Online)

Anuj Mehta (Project Manager, Medicaid IT Services)

Lizza Muszynski (Program Assistant, Risk Services and Insurance)

Noorai “Mari” Mariam (Curator of Education and Interpretation, Historic Properties)

Ross Phillips (Building Condition Assessment Coordinator, Facilities)

Lacy Randles (Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Provost)

Robert Robinson (Fiscal Manager, Global engagement)

Rob Seay (Student Services Manager, CURI)

Cristina Shorts (Operations Manager, Automotive Engineering, CU-ICAR)

Kesha Smith (Administrative Specialist II, School of Nursing)

Caitlin Stanton (Project Manager and Operations Coordinator, Center for Advanced Manufacturing)

Brittany Stephenson (Administrative Coordinator, Watt Innovation Center)

Janine Sutter (Senior Extension Agent, Extensions)

Regina Taylor (Director of Performance Analysis, CECAS Dean’s Office)

Jennifer Thackston (Sgt., Community Risk Reduction, Fire & EMS)

Rebecca Towe (Administrative Assistant, The Graduate School)

Chelsea Waugaman (Project Director, Office of EVP for Academic Affairs and Provost)

Samuel White (Customer Service Supervisor, Facilities Custodial)