Office of the Provost

Instructor resources to start the Spring 2022 semester


To assist instructors with the start of a new semester, the Provost’s Office is providing this navigational tool for easily accessing all resources.

  • Our Clemson—stories about programs and initiatives, including pandemic related activities
  • Resources and Updates—operations and directives, includes contact information for subject experts if you scroll down
  • Dashboards
  • FAQs—developed from routinely submitted and anticipated questions
  • Health and Safety Directive: Masking (including for instructors in classrooms)
    • Masks:
      • Masks will continue to be supplied in classrooms.
      • KN95 masks – A limited number of KN95 masks are available to instructors, advisors, frontline workers, non-residential students who recently went through a period of isolation and quarantine, those residential housing students in isolation and quarantine not at the Best Western, and other students who fear exposure to COVID-19. Available while supplies last, individuals may pick up a maximum of two masks per week from 7:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. from the main desk in Vickery Hall.
    • Face shields:
      • In very limited circumstances, face shields – while not recommended by CDC – may be used as a temporary alternative to masks. In addition to specialized jobs (such as medical care providers or emergency responders), possible exclusions where the use of a face shield may replace the use of a mask include the following:
        • For faculty and instructors, during instruction, who can maintain at least 6 feet of physical distancing from others. Before and after instruction, the face shield must be replaced by a mask.
        • Those seeking to communicate with the deaf or hard of hearing and for which the mouth needs to be visible. If available, a mask with a clear panel should be worn while communicating in this manner.
        • Those with documented disabilities who cannot wear masks may request accommodations. Contact Student Accessibility Services (students) and the Office of Access and Equity (employees).
  • Health and Safety Directive Compliance:

Should you see someone not following our health and safety directives, take a moment to kindly remind them of the requirement. If they do not comply, ask them to leave the space. 

As a last resort, if you encounter individuals who repeatedly fail to adhere to Clemson’s health and safety directives, their non-compliance can be reported to the following offices: 

Students – Office of Community & Ethical Standards 

Employees – or 

Contractors - Procurement

Ethics and Safety Line

Should an emergency situation develop, call 911 for assistance.

  • Resources for Navigating Isolation and Quarantine
    • Health and Safety Directive: Isolation and Quarantine
    • Additional Support for Instructors – The Provost Office and colleges are organizing extra help for instructors to track and care for students who are on temporary medical leave. A reporting tool is being refined to alert instructors when a particular student is out on approved medical leave and not able to attend class. An academic outreach campaign will help instructors by providing communications from the Provost Office and regular follow-up from academic advisors to those students who are out. College leadership is prepared to work with instructors who may need additional support with tracking and following up with students who may require additional course-specific help.  

All University Policies

Resources to Help You with Your Students

IT Readiness

In preparation for the Spring semester, the following work was completed:

  • All campus classrooms were visited by CCIT staff over Winter Break to verify that all equipment is present and properly operating. These checks included full testing of blended classroom functionality and Zoom.
  • CCIT placed signage in all classrooms to advertise methods of support. 
  • Clemson Online posted a global announcement in Canvas with links to classroom documentation.
  • The CCIT website was updated with classroom technology documentation and videos. 
  • Ongoing – Hotspot users have been asked to return equipment if it is not being used so it may be reissued to those needing additional support.

Additional Technology Resources