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Information on Travel Contract, Concur


The Procurement Office is pleased to announce that all current travel processes and several expense processes will soon be replaced by SAP Concur, a service that will integrate all your travel requests, booking and expense reporting into a single system. By combining these functions, you will be able to book travel and submit expense reports using the same tool. 

SAP Concur will also manage several non-travel processes, including all P-Card functionality, guest/visitor setup and reimbursement and personal reimbursement.  

Why is Clemson implementing SAP Concur?
There are benefits of implementing SAP Concur for both the employee and the University:

Employee Benefits:

  • “One-stop shop” for everything travel related: requesting, booking and processing expenses:
    • Reduce time spent making travel reservation
    • Reduced complexities of the expense process
    • Pre-populated expense report
    • Fewer keystrokes to request reimbursement
  • Travel policies built-in for easy compliance
  • Support from Travel Management Company for any travel questions or changes
  • Mobility and Online: All workflows and documents are electronic and available via either computer or mobile phone

University Benefits:

  • Duty of care more easily tracked
  • Comprehensive travel reporting available
  • Assurance for compliance requirement
  • All approvals for travel and non-travel expenses documented

How is the new system being implemented?

Over the past year, a mini-pilot of more than 150 employees have been assisting the Procurement team and consultant, Huron, in customizing and testing SAP Concur. 

On June 1, 2022, the Procurement team will launch a pilot with two divisions – Finance & Operations and Development.  

The pilot will run through the summer, ensuring that all issues are worked out and any additional needs and efficiencies are identified and implemented before the rest of campus goes live.

Much of the University is currently scheduled to go live with all SAP Concur functionality on September 1, 2022.

What does this change mean for me?

If you are a frequent traveler (or simply a traveler interested in knowing more), you are welcome to get a sneak peek into SAP Concur by using the travel booking tool, which will be available to all campus travelers beginning June 1.  It is not required, but available for those who may be interested.

More information, including additional details, training and go-live expectations will be sent out as we get closer to the fall.  Please watch for additional communication.

What else do I need to know?

There are two additional items of note:

  • Blackout Period: To “load” the new system, the current travel processes of booking through Christopherson will be put on hold between Friday, May 13 and June 1.  
  • If you need assistance during this time, please reach out to the Procurement Travel Team at clemsontravel@clemson.edu.
  • Anthony Travel: Clemson is in the process of replacing Christopherson Travel with Anthony Travel. Beginning June 1, Anthony Travel will be available to assist with anything travel-related that you may need.

Resources available now:

  • Includes training step-by-step guides, FAQs, updates and policy information. 
  • Procurement Travel Team

Resources available June 1:

  • Anthony Travel
    • On or after June 1, if you need travel-related assistance on or after June 1, contact Anthony Travel at clemsoncampustravel@anthonytravel.com or (864) 656-8595. The email and phone number will remain inactive until June 1.