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Inclement weather guidance for leave-eligible employees


January’s inclement weather caused closures, early dismissals and delayed openings at several Clemson University locations. The Office of the Governor of South Carolina issued Executive Order 2022-05 for 01/18/2022 and Executive Order 2022-07 for Jan. 21-22, providing leave with pay (“forgiving missed time”) for all leave-eligible employees during the hours stated in the Orders only. Employees who took additional time off not included in these Orders must account for missed hours. 

  • No further action is required for those employees who requested annual leave or flexed their work hours to accommodate missed work time not covered by the executive orders.
  • By Feb. 25, employees who have not accounted for additional missed hours must work with their supervisor to make up the missed time or request annual leave using the following procedure:
    • Send an email request to the supervisor requesting annual leave.

Employees who worked during the closures (forgiven time):

  • Salary nonexempt employees should have recorded work hours and will receive compensatory time. No further action is required. 
  • Salary exempt employees must notify their supervisor of hours worked. Supervisors must submit this information to Kronos@Clemson.edu to ensure the employee receives holiday compensatory time.