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How you can run for Staff Senate


The Clemson University Staff Senate is accepting applications from staff members who would like to serve as elected representatives of employees.

Formed in 1984, the Staff Senate represents staff employees before University leadership. The Senate conducts surveys, distributes information, communicates with elected officials and participates in standing committees to support staff employees.

To run for Staff Senate, there must be an open seat in its budget center. To qualify, staff members must be employed for 12 months in a full-time capacity in a full-time equivalent (FTE), time-limited (TLP) or temporary grant (TGP) position and be in good standing with the University.

Senators serve a three-year term starting with the May Senate meeting after being elected, with a maximum of two consecutive terms. A one-year interval away from the Senate is required before a senator who served consecutive terms is eligible to run for a Senate seat again.

An individual can be nominated for a Senate seat by a colleague or they can nominate themselves. The nominee needs to obtain their supervisor’s signature. The reason for the supervisor’s signature, other than a showing of support, is a senator must dedicate approximately four hours a month for Senate and committee meetings.

“Senators represent and serve the Clemson staff community through voicing constituents’ ideas and concerns, recognizing their outstanding contributions and proposing new workplace initiatives and policies to enhance their work life,” said Sue Whorton, director of the Class of 1956 Academic Success Center and current Staff Senate president.

“The efforts of staff to keep Clemson moving forward during a global pandemic cannot be understated. It’s gratifying when staff take the time to express their appreciation for Staff Senate’s contributions to the University during these challenging times.” 

A call for nominations for open seats will go out in February from the Staff Senate office. Elections will be held in March for one or more open seats.