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How Phebe Davis-Culler’s PLI experience is shaping her teaching


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Phebe Davis-Culler is a member of the President’s Leadership Institute (PLI) – a program in its fourth year. Davis-Culler is leveraging PLI’s intense study of leadership skill development to enrich her students’ Clemson experience. Explore the video to learn how Davis-Culler is taking her student engagement to new heights.

Phebe Davis-Culler is an assistant clinical professor of accounting in the College of Business. Her research interests include social and ethical issues in accounting and managerial accounting decision-making. Davis-Culler teaches managerial and cost accounting and recently co-developed a data analytics course for accounting decision-making, which she will she began teaching in the fall of 2019.

Visit the President’s Leadership Institute web page to learn more about the program and participants.


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