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Good stewardship and using the Kite Hill Recycling Center


Being able to drop off recycling at the Kite Hill Recycling Center helps residents remain good stewards of the beautiful places in which we live, work and play. Patrons of the center can step up their stewardship by following a few simple requests that allow the center to optimize its operations.

Observe the following recycling center best practices:

  • Enter and leave the facility in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Break down and flatten all cardboard, boxboard, paperboard and pizza boxes.
  • Never include household trash items.
  • Rinse any items recycled. “If it’s not clean, it can’t go green.”
  • Keep recyclables loose and free. Never bag your recyclables.
  • Never include plastic film in your drops to Kite Hill. Return clean, dry, plastic bags, wraps and packaging to your local retailers.
  • Never include hazardous or medical wastes. Batteries, aerosol cans, paint, syringes, fluorescent bulbs or auto coolant cannot be recycled at Kite Hill.
  • Do not use the area or go around the barricade when it is barricaded and considered closed per the “Hours of Operation.” 
  • Clean up and take away any bags used to transport recyclables.
  • Please DO ask KHRC staff inside the building any questions during “Hours of Operation.”

What can be recycled at Kite Hill Recycle Center?

  • #1-2 Plastics Separated from “other” plastics
  • #3-7 “other” plastics separated from #1 & 2 plastics
  • Aluminum cans and clean aluminum foil
  • Rinsed tin cans 
  • Mixed glass — clear and color
  • Separated newspaper
  • Separated office paper
  • Separated mixed paper (magazines, books, packing paper, mailers, junk mail, etc.)
  • Broken down, collapsed cardboard, boxboard (cereal boxes, etc.) pizza boxes (can be recycled minus the cheese and leftover slices) and paper cartons.
  • Cooking oil – drain and empty container while at Kite Hill and discard as the container as household trash
  • Motor oil and oil filters
  • Metal and steel

About the Kite Hill Recycling Center

The center is considered a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), a specialized plant that receives, separates and prepares recyclable materials for marketing to end-user manufacturers. It is located on the Clemson campus at 148 Kite Hill Drive and offers community members of both Clemson University and the City of Clemson numerous, convenient options to dispose of recyclables.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. – 2 p.m.; closed Mondays after home football games

Recommended times for drop off are 6:30-7:30 a.m., and 8:30- 1:30 p.m.

Closed on Weekends, and Home Football Game Weekends from Friday 6 a.m. – Tuesday 6 a.m. 

Other locations to use while closed:

The City of Clemson has a drop off location at the Public Works/Brush Grinding Facility on 1155 Old Central Road. This location takes #1 and #2 plastics, paper and steel and aluminum cans.

Call 864-643-6030 with any questions.