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Fourth of July safety measures


As preparations begin for the Fourth of July holiday, it’s important to remember safety essentials while enjoying much-needed time off. Amid the excitement of fireworks, remember to stay safe during hot temperatures and water activities.

To help ensure a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Safety Council and Ready.gov each offer proper safety measures for heat, fireworks, water and weather.

Heat Safety:

  • Temperatures are forecast to be in the 90s for the Fourth of July weekend. Extreme heat is responsible for the highest number of annual weather-related deaths.
  • Heat-related illness is preventable. Learn the signs and symptoms of heat-related conditions and how to treat them.
  • Visit the Ready.gov website for more information on heat safety.

Thunderstorm Safety:

  • There is an increased chance for rain and thunderstorms on the Fourth of July weekend, so it is important to remember that when thunder roars, go indoors immediately.
  • Make sure you have emergency plans in place if severe weather occurs.
  • Visit the Ready.gov website for more information on lightning and thunderstorm safety.

Fireworks Safety:

  • When using fireworks, make sure they’re legal to buy and use.
  • Soak used and unused fireworks in water for a few hours before completely discarding them.
  • Visit the National Safety Council website for additional information on fireworks safety.

Water Safety:

  • When out on the water, wear life jackets and other appropriate equipment. Make sure that equipment is worn properly and is in working condition.
  • Exercise proper judgment when on the water, as situations and weather can turn quickly.
  • Visit the National Security Council’s website for additional information regarding water and boating safety.