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Four College of Science researchers awarded funding from CU SEED Grant Program


CLEMSON – The Clemson Support for Early Exploration and Development (CU SEED) Grant Program has awarded four College of Science faculty members up to $10,000 each to help fund the initiation of research, scholarly projects or the development of products.

The CU SEED Grant Program provides two tiers of funding support to certain Clemson faculty each semester. This semester, 28 Clemson faculty received awards.

Initiation activities can include establishing baseline data, completing a phase of a research process that will lead to greater funding opportunities, or developing research partnerships with collaborators at other institutions. Projects or products can include finalizing peer-reviewed publications, scholarly books, chapters in books, or showings such as visual and performing arts.

From left, Sharon Bewick, Jennifer Mason, Lesly Temesvari, Thao Tran.

Here are the College of Science’s four 2021 Clemson SEED Tier 2 award winners:

Sharon Bewick: assistant professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Project title: “Using Whiptail Lizards to Understand the Integration of Environmental and Host Genetic Effects on Host-Associated Microbiota”

Jennifer Mason: assistant professor, Department of Genetics and Biochemistry

Project title: “Impact of NEK8 variants on the replication stress response”

Lesly Temesvari: professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Project title: “Immunotherapy for Entamoeba histolytica infections”

Thao Tran: assistant professor, Department of Chemistry

Project title: “Novel Magnetic Spin Textures for Memory and Computing Applications”

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