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Fleming to resume role in College of Education


After five highly productive years as an associate dean of the Graduate School and a stint as interim dean, David S. Fleming will return as a full-time professor to the College of Education later this summer.

Fleming was charged with building and enhancing graduate academic affairs. He led the Graduate School through unprecedented enrollment growth and was a key force in furthering diversity among the graduate student body.

“Dr. Fleming’s service and leadership have been exemplary,” says Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School John Lopes, “especially over the last year as he managed the COVID-related challenges.  One especially noteworthy innovation was the creation of the International Teaching Fellows program, which allowed international students to begin their education and teaching at Clemson while facing travel restrictions.” Lopes added that Fleming “has routinely combined a deep knowledge of graduate education with a thoughtful approach and insightful perspective to serve the students at Clemson.”

Fleming said he wants to “thank the entire Graduate School team for their ever-present support and engagement and their dedication to service. I also treasure having had the opportunity to work with so many academic units on and off-campus and look forward to continuing the support of graduate education at Clemson in my faculty role.”

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