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Faculty Senate recognizes award winners


During its final session of the semester on April 13, the Faculty Senate recognized its award winners from this year’s academic session. The Faculty Senate also welcomed new leaders, with Kristine Vernon, professor of Animal and Veterinary Science, replacing Thompson Mefford as Senate president. Mefford credited the members of the Senate for their continued support as award recipients were recognized.

“We had a very successful session of the Faculty Senate. It would not have been possible without our Senators and Delegates’ strong support and dedication,” Mefford said.

The Faculty Senate award winners are:

Delegate of the Year; Alan Schaffer Faculty Senate Service Award, 2021: Jennifer Holland

This faculty member is recognized for their exemplary work to support their fellow delegates and the chair of the assembly. Holland’s work resulted in multiple submissions to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee to help advance special faculty initiatives. Holland is a senior lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice. Holland was also named the recipient of the 2021 Alan Schaffer Faculty Senate Service Award for empowering the convention of delegates, better representing special rank faculty, and bringing forth issues that affect all faculty. These included issues associated with compensation, tuition remission for dependents, and more. At meetings, she provided a meaningful dialog to push the discussion to greater depths.

Advisory Committee Senator of the Year: Hugo Sanabria

The Advisory Committee is comprised of two faculty from each college, one serving in the position of Lead Senator. This committee serves as the primary appointing committee for the Faculty Senate and provides feedback to the Faculty Senate President, the Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs, and the University President. Lead Senator Hugo Sanabria, associate professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, hosted monthly town halls with his college and was vital in helping implement the Senate’s plan for inclusive excellence.

Executive Committee Senator of the Year: Lauren Duffy

The Executive Committee assists the President of the Faculty Senate in prioritizing and directing the work of the Faculty Senate. This includes implementing the standing agenda that sets the agenda for the session and adopting new initiatives as they arise. Duffy, associate professor and undergraduate coordinator for the College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences, was policy chair of the committee and helped manage the most significant number of standing agenda items while bringing forward essential items for the Senate.

Alan Schaffer Faculty Senate Service Award, 2020: Amy Lawton-Rauh

Created in 2006 to commemorate the late Alan Schaffer and honor his commitment to faculty governance, this award recognizes individuals for exceptional service on behalf of the Faculty Senate. In addition to Holland winning the award for 2021, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs Amy Lawton-Rauh was recognized at this session for winning the award in 2020. Lawton-Rauh has worked closely with the Senate to ensure that the University has followed the Faculty Manual in the best interest of the faculty.