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Faculty and staff service milestones in November


Congratulations to all University faculty and staff who achieved significant milestones in November.


Jeffery Godwin, Advancement, 30 years

O’Neil Burton III, Academic Affairs, 30 years

Sheila Williams, College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences. 30 years

Thomas Peters, College of Engineering, Computer and Applied Sciences, 20 years

Eleanor Jenkins, College of Science, 20 years

Ronald Stowers, Facilities, 20 years

Kelly McDavid, Academic Affairs, 20 years

Kimberly Coker, Student Affairs, 20 years

Joseph Stapleton, Facilities, 10 years

Blake Jones, Advancement, 10 years

Leslie Doss, Inclusion and Equity, 10 years

Sharon Harris, Student Affairs, 10 years

Kelly Bollinger, Student Affairs, 10 years

Kathryn Sheffield, Libraries, 10 years