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Faculty and staff service milestones in May


Congratulations to our faculty and staff who reached major service milestones in May:


Paula F. Holcombe, CCIT, 30 years

Rose M. Reese, University Facilities, 30 years

Sharon M. Lovelace, Economic Development, 30 years

Sherry T. Williams, Finance & Operations, 20 years

Janice D. Cantinieri, Athletics, 20 years

Meredith Anne Driver, Public Service Activities, 10 years

Jose Oscar Payero, College of Forestry, Agriculture and Life Science, 10 years

Jeremy Edmunds Krober, Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business, 10 years

Dawn Noelle Foley, Finance & Operations, 10 years

Catherine A. Lamb, Finance & Operations, 10 years

John A. Smink, Research, 10 years

Daniel L. Blackwell, University Facilities, 10 years