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Congratulations to faculty and staff reaching major service anniversaries


Congratulations to the University faculty and staff for their work anniversaries and decades of service in March and April!


William H. Hanvey Jr., Coastal Research & Education Center, 30 years,

Carla Julie Stansell, Medicaid IT Services, 30 years

Christopher Preston Wood, Provost & VP Academic Affairs, 20 years

Athena Medea Russell, MBA Program, 20 years

Betina S. Middleton, Ticket Office, 20 years

Brian Thomas Hennessy, Sports Information, 20 years

John Edwin Howard Jr., University Facilities Maintenance, 20 years

Gregory L. Telley, University Facilities Support Services, 20 years

Stephen Chad Teske, Fire & Emergency Medical Services, 20 years

Angela E. Leidinger, VP of External Affairs, 20 years

Renee M. Roux, General Counsel, 20 years

Theodore Eugene Raymond Jr., Plant Industry, 10 years

Thomas Nicholas Hallman, PSA Media Relations, 10 years

Christina Dawn Boggs, Food, Nutrition, and Packaging, 10 years

Tonyia Kay Stewart, Dean Of Engineering & Science, 10 years

Evguenia Passiouk Layton, MBA Program, 10 years

Christopher Warren Cox, Campus Recreation, 10 years

Bradley Clay Elliott, Sponsored Programs, 10 years

Teresa Muha Kelley, College of Education Financial & Human Resource Services,  10 years

William Charles Hood Jr., General Counsel, 10 years


Deborah L. Martin, Grants and Contracts, 30 years

Tonya Lynn Bledsoe, Materials Science & Engineering. 20 years

Debra Mitchell Charles, CCIT Internal Operations, 20 years

Wendy L. Gregus, Campus Activities and Events, 20 years

Howard J. Holland, Campus Utilities, 20 years

Orenthia Shantell Glass, University Facilities Customer and Recycling Services, 20 years

Andrew S. Mount, Plant & Environmental Sciences, 20 years

Liam Henry O’Hara, Graphic Communications, 20 years

Timothy L Nix, Facilities Support Services, 20 years

Sonya Marie Campbell, Cooperative Extension Services, 10 years

Rebecca Crain Trutwin, PSA & Economic Development Business Services, 10 years

Cecilia D. Atkins, Student Health Center, 10 years

Cynthia Ann Elliott, Advancement – Finance & Administration, 10 years

Stephen E. Cole, University Regulatory Services, 10 years

Jessica Lauryn Kohout-Tailor, University Libraries, 10 years

Erin Michael Thomas, Budgets & Financial Planning, 10 years

Kelly Urso Cloyd, University Development Team, 10 years